About the PAS

THE PONTCHARTRAIN ASTRONOMY SOCIETY (PAS) was founded in 1959 and currently has a roster of nearly 130 members from throughout South Louisiana and South Mississippi.

The Pontchartrain Astronomy Society is a non-professional organization representing Southeast Louisiana. Our members come from many walks of life and have diverse interests in amateur astronomy. The goal of the Society is to enhance the study and enjoyment of astronomy among our members and to promote an understanding and appreciation of astronomy in our community.

The Pontchartrain Astronomy Society is a not-for-profit scientific and educational corporation dedicated to:

  • developing and implementing programs designed to foster awareness in individuals and in the community with regard to astronomical developments and achievements as well as promoting the science of astronomy;
  • making available to individuals in the community educational resources concerning astronomy.

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PAS Membership FAQs

PAS Membership Dues are $40.00 per year.

John Scholl, Treasurer

The Pontchartrain Astronomy Society

16082 Lake Ramsey Rd.

Covington, LA 70435

The PAS conducts a General Meeting, open to the public, once a month. These meetings include PAS business discussion and a presentation on a topic of general interest to amateur astronomers. Meetings may also include astrophotos by members taken during recent sky events. Information is exchanged in a friendly and social atmosphere following the adjournment of the meeting. Casual observing is sometimes held in the parking lot - weather permitting. In addition to the general meeting a south shore and north shore observers' group meeting is held monthly. For dates check the calendar of events.

  • Monthly PAS Cyber-Times Newsletter
  • Free membership in The Astronomical League
  • Access to a secure dark sky observing site
  • Annual PAS Family Picnic and PAS Christmas Party
  • Access to the PAS Library
  • Members are entitled to discounts on Sky and Telescope and Astronomy magazines.
  • Astronomy Day - Observed each year by the PAS with exhibits and a star party for the public.
  • Star Parties - Many informal events are held throughout the year.


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