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November 2016 President's Message

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October was our busy month! (Notice the similarity to how I started this page last month.) October was indeed very busy - Astronomy Day at the Infinity Space Center, several outreach events including one in Lacombe at the Southeast LA National Wildlife Refuges Comples ( "Wild Things"), plus the Deep South Star Gaze that many of our members attended. I think we will get a little breathing room in November, but hopefully we will have some nice clear skies for observing.

The Deep South Star Gaze was a big success this year with good participation from PAS members and a total headcount of about 90 (give or take one or two). Our clear skies helped make it the success that it was. Look for a few photos in this newsletter.

As discussed at the October meeting and in the October PAS Times, the PAS will hold our annual Christmas Party and December meeting at a restaurant - Porter and Luke's Restaurant at 1517 Metairie Road in Metairie. The date is December 16th and the time is 7:30 pm. There is a cost that will be partially offset by a subsidy from the club treasury. The cost per person is $36.50 and the subsidy that the club will pay is $20 per family (so if one person you will pay $16.50 and each additional person in your family will be at the full price of $36.50. In addition each attendee will be given one raffle ticket worth $5, so if you are a family of 3 attending the party you will have a total of $35 paid for by the club ($20 + $5 + $5 + $5). Please bring your check to the November meeting or mail it to club treasurer, John Scholl. You can find more details about this on the website.

I am sure by now most of you have heard that our lease for the SPMOS Observing Site is not being renewed. The owner wants to sell the land. We are still trying to find out how long we will be able to use the site with or without a lease. It could take years for the owner to find a buyer for the land. As of this writing we are in limbo. Our lease expires on November 7th. As we find out more information we will pass it on.

Officers for 2017 - Bill Davis has agreed to run for 1st Vice President (Programs). I have agreed to stay on for another year as PAS President if unopposed, however if there is anyone willing to put in the necessary hours, I will willingly step aside. Our other officers - Kent Birkle as 2nd Vice President (PAS Times editor), John Scholl as Treasurer and Bill Johnson as Secretary, have all agreed to serve on another year if no one else has a burning desire to run for these positions. As of this writing, no one else has stepped forward. If we have no additional nominations at the November meeting, the candidates listed here will become your "de facto" officers for 2017 as no nominations can be taken after the November meeting.

This month our program will be a presentation on the St. Helena Parish meteor impact crater given by PAS member Philip Richardson. (I will also show a few images from the Deep South Star Gaze.)

Let's have a great meeting turn out.

Barry Simon, President
Pontchartrain Astronomy Society

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