SPMOS Light Rules

All light rules for the SPMOS were (or should have been) provided to you with your membership package, along with directions to the site. This is an addendum to the light rules. You must disable the daytime running lights on your vehicle. If unable to, you should park in the parking area before you get to the field. If it’s necessary to park on the field next to your equipment, you must arrive before dark and not leave until all other members are finished observing or until sunrise, whichever occurs first.

Disabling Automobile Daytime Running Lights: Hammers are not the solution.

Note From Barry Simon: Let me remind everyone in the PAS, particularly new members who have not used the SPMOS observing site yet; we do have light rules at the site and it is mandatory that you abide by them. It is advised that you prepare yourself and your car before you come up to the site the first time. You will have to do whatever it takes to get yourself and your car ready for the experience.

Note From Mike Sandras: I brought this situation to the club”s attention a few years ago. I don’t know what was discussed on the equipment forum but:

    • On most models with daytime running lights, you can engage the parking brake lever just enough to engage the defeat switch and your running lights will go off.
    • Most imports have light switches from their home market that will enable you to shut them off. The permanent fix would be to get that switch (if available) and replace it. Don’t ask your typical dealer, they will probably have no idea what you are talking about.